I imagine you will be reading (and hearing) a lot about Josh Ritter’s upcoming Tuesday release, The Animal Years, as you should. Having spent just over a week with the album, I can tell you it is my favorite of his catalog thus far. His most fully realized and mature work to date, Ritter’s release of the album’s cornerstone track “Thin Blue Flame” last summer made a promise. A promise kept within the context of the album as a whole. For this is an album experience, best taken in it’s entirety. Note: I also really like the production on this album. Apparently he used the guy who works with Iron & Wine and Modest Mouse (among others).

Now, I suggest you head over to I Guess I’m Floating and read their exclusive interview with Ritter prior to his leaving the States for Canada to begin the album’s promotional tour. Also, do stop by Bows + Arrows and read some reflections on some of the album’s key tracks.

Stream the New Album
MP3: Josh Ritter :: Girl In The War
MP3: Josh Ritter :: Thin Blue Flame
Amazon: Josh Ritter – The Animal Years

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