Powder Burns :: May 16, 2006
Greg Dulli’s back. Again. The new Twilight Singers joint, Powder Burns, certainly doesn’t break any new ground, but absolutely should please fans of he-of-the-constant-cigarette-&-smirk. While I do like both The Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers, I find I have to take them both in small doses. It’s as if I can almost guess the structure of the songs before they happen. You may be thinking “man, I could say that about half the shit you post on here,” and you’d be absolutely right. But for some reason, here, it just doesnt work in large quatities for me. Different strokes, Willis.
Having said that, I will go on record and say that Dulli, no matter the incarnation, puts on one hell of a show…a true front-man rock ‘n roller. The last time I saw him was The Twilight Singers Blackberry Belle run at the El Rey in Los Angeles. He had the crowd, myself included, eating out of his hand. The night was his.
But back to the album. Like I said, if your into Dulli’s past albums you will find plenty to like here. Also worth noting, the album was recorded in part, in post-Katrina New Orleans. The studio was running on generators and Dulli penned a few of the album’s cuts in the wake of the aftermath. Pretty heavy work environment to say the least. P.S. — If you are ever visiting L.A., Dulli owns a bar I like to drink at called The Shortstop. Great jukebox. Cheap swill.
MP3: The Twilight Singers :: Bonnie Brae
Amazon: The Twilight Singers – Powder Burns

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