Will Oldham, under any and all of his many monikers, entrances me. His bearded, spooky, eclectic-mountain-weirdo persona combined with his gothic lyrics work on my imagination something fierce. The fact he rarely gives interviews only adds to to his mystique. I would imagine in the age of the Internet and instant information it is harder than ever to remain so elusive/mysterious. More power to him.
I recently revisited last years Superwolf album, Will’s collaboration with guitarist Matt Sweeney under his Bonnie “Prince” Billy pseudonym. Damn it’s good. I liked it the first go around, but I’m hearing it all over again with fresh ears — the nuances, lyrics, everything. One thing that is standing out this time is the use of drums, or lack there of. When used to accent…perfect. When not…perfect.

MP3: Superwolf :: My Home Is The Sea
MP3: Superwolf :: Blood Embrace
Amazon: Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweeney – Superwolf
Download Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Tortoise collaboration: eMusic: 50 Free MP3 Trial offer

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