“…I did some magic by the railroad tracks.” – Harlan T. Bobo
Memphis, the land of the Sun Studios, Elvis Presley, Harlan T. Bobo and some damn fine BBQ. But today we’re not here to talk about the ‘que, no today we need to talk about this man, this man named Harlan T. Bobo. From what I gather, there is little known about the 38 year old Southern bard – no given name, place of birth, nothing. No matter. All we need to know is he is the one who crafted the songs that make up Too Much Love, an album filled with the singular tale of a faded romance. Sometimes less is more. In saying that I will aid the mystery and stop here and let the music speak for itself.

MP3: Harlan T. Bobo :: Only Love
MP3: Harlan T. Bobo :: Too Much Love
MP3: Harlan T. Bobo :: After This Night

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