It’s here, on the band’s fourth EP, I realized I could pretty much listen to Jim James’ reverb soaked vocals sing the phonebook and be content. Years ago, after consuming At Dawn, I knew I needed more of this band. At the time I was under the impression that At Dawn was the band’s debut release (it was not), and was ecstatic to find this EP at a local record store. Being a six song collection it felt more like an album than an EP. The cornerstone here is the 24 minute epic “Cobra” with it’s snaking reggae inflected beat morphing into a raw and bluesy Black Sabbath-like jam session before flying off into an ambient space entirely.
The other tracks are all excellent early/mid-period MMJ, barr the one throwaway which appears to be a drunken phone message from Jim James’ cousin. Compared to their latest full-length, Z, listening to this EP makes me yearn for the earlier/spookier My Morning Jacket, recording in grain silos and all.
MP3: My Morning Jacket :: Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head?
MP3: My Morning Jacket :: Cobra
Amazon: My Morning Jacket – Chocolate And Ice EP

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