I promise there is no unwritten rule stating Neil Young must grace the virtual pages of An Aquarium Drunkard, at least in some fashion, once a month. Admittingly, it does seem like that sometimes. So hell, in keeping with tradition, let’s get to it.

This past week I started boxing up CDs as we are putting our stuff in storage next month and taking a couple of months off from L.A. (more on that to come). While doing so I ran into an old friend — CSNY’s live album Four Way Street. While this album is by no means perfect, it was my introduction to Neil Young as a teenager and therefore remains special to these ears. My dad had this on vinyl and when he replaced it with CD the addition of Neil’s medley of The Loner/cinnamon Girl/Down By The River immediately pulled me in. Neil was quite unlike anything I had ever heard before, take pause and think about that — think about the first time you heard Neil’s weird, high-pitched, alien voice. And to come across that voice in the confines of an otherwise pretty album of nice acoustics and harmonies? Wild.
After all these years, and countless live albums, this acoustic medley still remains one of my favorite Neil Young moments ever captured in time. The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down By The River.
What was your first Neil Young experience? Leave a comment….
MP3: Neil Young :: Medley: The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down By The River
Amazon: CSNY – Four Way Street (live)

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