You should know: This is Grandaddy’s swan song. This is the end of their road — but as an audience we are left with this parting gift — Just Like the Fambly Cat. The album opens with a small child’s voice repeatedly enquiring “what happened to the family cat?” As the track progresses toward the end, the listener can only assume the cat, and quite possibly the child, were/will be devoured by some malevolent technological noise/static-demon. With this, Grandaddy (mistrustful luddites that they are) stay true to form.
Just Like The Fambly Cat wraps up a lot of familiar motifs the band has toyed with over the years. Here is the second track off the album.
MP3: Grandaddy :: Geez Louise (megaupload link)
Amazon: Grandaddy :: Just Like the Fambly Cat
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