Josh Rouse :: Hotel Cafe’

photo credit: steve akers
Last Wednesday night Josh Rouse played here in Los Angeles at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Backed by several cellos, and on occasion members from opening act Strays Don’t Sleep, Rouse turned out an impressive, low-key performance in spite of several sound problems that plagued him throughout his set. Most of the night’s material drew from his latest LP Substitulo, which was released last month on his own Bedroom Classics label (note: his first full-length since his split from former label Ryko).

For me, the real treat of Rouse’s L.A. stop was his intimate showcase the following day at the Hotel Cafe’. Relaxed and free of technical hang-ups, Josh played an excellent five to six song set — solo, with backing cello accompaniment, and a duet on “The Man Who” with Spanish girlfriend Paz Suay — perhaps the highlight of the performance (and album), as their chemistry was evident and giving to the nature of the tune.

Here is a track from the performance, courtesy of Nettwerk, originally found on the Bedroom Classics II ep digitally released via eMusic & iTunes in late 2005.


MP3: Josh Rouse :: O, I Need All The Love (live)
Amazon: Josh Rouse – Substitulo
+ Bedroom Classics II available at eMusic: 50 Free MP3 Trial +