One of An Aquarium Drunkard’s readers emailed me this track yesterday from Neil’s rare Eldorado ep. Allegedly written about sometime- bandmate Stephen Stills drug problems in the ’80s. Check out Thrasher’s Wheat for extensive details.
In other Neil news, it looks like he will indeed be on tour this summer with CSNY. I saw them during the 2000 run and it was pretty solid. Also, check out Neil’s website next month for details on his upcoming “protest” album as well as streaming tracks. Keep on rockin in the free world, dos?
MP3: Neil Young :: Cocaine Eyes
Amazon: Neil Young – Eldorado [IMPORT]

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  1. Hi….
    I am aware of the drug problems stephen faced in the 80s.
    During 1 of the band’s live concerts in US the viewers could see it in stephens eyes that he was under the influence of drugs.
    Its a sad thing that such a great performer was so much under the influence of drugs



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