Neil Young makes his third appearance on An Aquarium Drunkard in a week. If you haven’t heard, Neil’s thrown together a raucous protest album this past month and is not at all mincing words/fucking around (See: “Impeach The President“). Throughout his storied career, The Loner’s been no stranger to controversy, so this record should not be much of a surprise to anyone keeping tabs.
As of today you can stream the album in it’s entirety courtesy of his website. I’m sure the FBI/CIA/INS will be, so you should too!! It’s also likely uber-cheesy Country music wank , Toby Keith, will prepare a “rebuttal album.”
**The album will be available at digital retailers beginning May 2nd. CDs will be available in stores early May.
:: After The Garden
:: Living With War
:: The Restless Consumer
:: Shock And Awe
:: Families
:: Flags of Freedom
:: Let’s Impeach The President
:: Lookin’ For A Leader
:: Roger And Out
:: America The Beautiful
Living With The War Blog
+CNN Showbiz Tonight Interview
+Fox News’ Neil Cavuto clip story 4/27

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