Due to Monday’s protest demonstrations here in L.A., many of our main streets were closed. This event lead me to weaving in and out of curious side streets while trying to make my way from the mid-Wilshire area to Hollywood. This turned out to be no small feat, folks. The endeavor wound up taking a couple of hours, but was not all bad as I saw a lot of little neighborhoods I had yet to explore that lay just off the beaten path (such is the norm in L.A.). Oh, and I also had Luna’s Penthouse with me.
I always knew Penthouse was the absolute shit, but Monday solidified that fact. Day turned to dusk as I snaked through neighborhood after neighborhood with Dean Wareham’s nasal-tone and guitarwork doing most of the driving, as I opted to sit back and take it all in “23 Minutes In Brussels” style. Dig?
MP3: Luna :: 23 Minutes In Brussels
MP3: Luna :: Chinatown
Amazon: Luna – Penthouse
+ Luna’s Penthouse available at eMusic: 50 Free MP3 Trial +

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