Snowglobe is the third band this year from Memphis, TN that I have begun listening to (see: Lucero, Harlan T. Bobo). Prior to that, I think Big Star and Elvis were the most recent Memphis exports filling my iPod. Unlike the other two, Snowglobe don’t work any kind of inherently Southern, rootsy angle, but opt for a breezier pop sound undercut with darker lyrics.
Here is some official details: “Snowglobe is something of an event or occurance, an ever evolving and shifting phenomenon scattered about the southeastern United States, but you can call it a band. It’s easier that way. They have been compared to a wide breadth of artists, including the Band, the Kinks, the Flaming Lips, Leonard Cohen, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys. Snowglobe has undeniably been influenced by all of these talented artists, but also carries the mark and spirit of their hometown: Memphis, TN.”
This album (Oxytocin) is the first of a series of Snowglobe releases comprised of tunes composed by each member. Confused? Think KISS back in the ’70s, when each member had their own album (Frehley’s ruled dood). Minus the evil makeup, pyro-technics, and foot tall moon boots, (sadly).
MP3: Snowglobe :: Rainbow
MP3: Snowglobe :: Dry

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