Until last week I was not familiar with Ben Weaver nor his music, but judging by these three unmastered tracks from his upcoming (Brian Deck produced) album, it’s safe to say I am going to love his full-length. I get a lot of unsolicited albums/eps/mp3s in the mail, but it’s times like these when I remember why I do my best to listen to most everything that comes across my desk. Weaver’s got it. Like a lo-fi Steve Earle? Check these out.
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MP3: Ben Weaver :: Surrealism & Blues
MP3: Ben Weaver :: Geisha
MP3: Ben Weaver :: Down 25

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  1. Hey, Ben Weaver MP3’s won’t work…

  2. […] I’ve been looking forward to Ben Weaver’s upcoming album, Paper Sky, since last spring when I received an unsolicited, unmastered three song sampler in the mail culled from his (then) just recorded sessions with producer Brian Deck. As I wrote last May, Weaver’s tunes are a stark reminder of why I try and listen to every CD that comes across my desk. […]

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