Well, I guess it’s my turn in the rotating guest posts while Justin and his wife are on the road. You’ve already heard from Dodge, Chris and Jax. I’m Kevin from So Much Silence … so, now that we’ve got that out of the way …

For my first post here at the AD, I thought I’d pick something a little alt-country, which, as we’ve seen time and again here, is a Justin specialty.

As coincidence would have it, it was in Justin’s hometown of LA where I discovered Anders Parker, who performed an opening slot for Jay Farrar at the Troubadour. The former frontman of Varnaline, Parker released his solo debut Tell it to the Dust in 2004, and it’s a treasure.

Parker never leans too far into the country side of alt-country, his vocal range far superior to any sort of twangy depression. And the guitars have a bright, hopeful sound to them.

According to his site, Parker tells us he’s finishing up a new album, with assistance from drummer Ken Coomer (former Wilco) and well-respected pedal steel man Eric Heywood among others.



MP3: Goodbye Friend
MP3: So It Goes

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