Filling in for the wandering Justin today will be Will from Be the Boy. Today, Will takes a break from his usual writings about robots, cartoon mascots and slip and slides to talk about salvation through music.

Sometimes I stand on busy street corners with a portable amp and microphone trying to get the attention of passersby. As they walk by I call out”

“Can I have a moment of your time to tell you about my savior…”

“Do you want to find salvation in….”

“Have you accepted… “

I rarely get to finish a sentence, most people keep walking and ignore me and some people throw things. For those curious few who do stop, I hand them a picture and ask them if they are willing to accept d. Boon into their lives.

If you’re a reader of the Aquarium Drunk then you likely know about d. Boon but just in case here’s the facts. d. Boon was the singer, guitar player and primary songwriter for The Minutemen, San Pedro’s greatest gift to the world. d. Boon spoke truth to power through rock and roll but left the world too soon.

The Minutemen did their best work during a time when the US government gave up on the needs of the many to focus on the desire of the wealthy. When d. Boon was still alive he wrote and spoke about the arrogance and corruption of those in power and then gave that message to the people to carry forward. I like to think that his words had an effect on punk rock kids across the nation who grew up into voters. Today, in the US we are living under a government that is so transparently corrupt and unconcerned with the future that it hardly even feels necessary to point it out anymore. When I read the news and feel (invariably) angry I ask myself “What Would d. Boon Do?” He would not let this stand unchallenged and neither do I, but I am only one man. This is why I spread the gospel of the Minutemen and hope that somewhere there’s a kid in his basement learning the guitar who feels the same way. We need a man with a guitar in his hand willing to speak the truth to the masses.

Minutemen Viet Nam
Minutemen Untitled Song For Latin America

From Amazon – The Minutemen- Double Nickels on the Dime

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