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Greetings from one of my favorite Southwestern towns, Santa Fe, NM. Been on the road one week now and having a good old time. This Summer, while away from Los Angeles, I am doing my two-hour Little Radio show remotely so the Aquarium Drunkard podcasts will be those shows available here in Podcast format. No dialogue on this one, but that will change once I am somewhere for more than a couple of days and have time to fool with the mic.
I think you will really enjoy this show — had lot of fun putting this one together. It starts off with The Doors “Changeling” as I (somewhat ironically) got on an L.A. Woman kick my last few weeks in town. No one did the underbelly of Los Angeles like Morrison did. Enjoy, and check back next week for a new episode (or you can always listen to it live every Wednesday 2-4 p.m. PST on LittleRadio.com).
Cheers – A.D.

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  1. Hey man. Found your site through The Fox Is Black site. Love it! Where can I get all of your podcasts!

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