3 days with no updates? Honestly boys! It’s JAX again. I couldn’t stand the lack of postage so I decided to offer up another great Los Angeles based band: Eskimohunter.

Eskimohunter is the brain-child of the Jason71, a multi-format artist from deep in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The project first began in 2002 and after a few evolutions released an EP, Musical Snow Globe Machine, in Jan. 2005. The album is shoegaze rock in all its epic glory. The project stresses simple layered sound to create its blissful drone. Throw in a dash of pop harmonies, A strong multimedia presence, and you have a truly 71 brand of music.

The band is currently revamping it’s lineup by adding Jenni Tarma on bass (JUNIOR / SENIOR, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR), John Riccardi on guitar & Christian McCall on drums. Rehearsals are underway for upcoming performances around Los Angeles.

MP3: EskimohunterWalking Tour Of Space
MP3: EskimohunterSurfing At 32 F

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