Grayson Capps’ bluesy, soulful, Southern literary storytelling has been a welcome treat whenever his album If You Knew My Mind pops up on shuffle as we drive cross-country these past 2+ weeks.

“I write songs which have the voice of dead prophets masquerading as town drunks screaming ‘look at us we’re pretty, too!’ I’ve been playing guitar and singing for nearly twenty years now. I’ve played theaters, festivals, radio shows, t.v. shows, whiskey-beer crusted barrooms, living rooms, and camp fires. Some people call me a preacher others a poet, a singer, a guitar player, a landscaper, but I am only an actor strutting and fretting across the stage.”

MP3: Grayson Capps :: Get Back Up
Amazon: Grayson Capps :: If You Knew My Mind

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