Here at the Drunkard, we love the old funk, soul, and r&b jams, but rarely touch on it all that often (as there are many well written, well researched sites out there already covering it.) One such website is Soulsides. If you’re not hip to them yet, they do a great job, and compiled a fantastic CD compilation album earlier this year.

Didn’t get around to purchasing it until just before I left Los Angeles for the Summer, but I’m glad I waited as it has been a serious pick me up on the highway when the coffee ain’t cutting it. Here a John Lennon cover off it I have loved for many years (originally found on an import Live Donny Hathaway boot.) Be sure to visit the site, and more importantly buy the album.


MP3: Donny Hathaway :: Jealous Guy
Amazon: Soul Sides – Volume 1

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  1. Nice blog post – I found your site through Bing.

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