(Contributor’s note: Hey, Joe here from Each Note Secure, playing guest blogger today while Justin continues his road trip. Check out this great Cincinnati, OH band)

Sometimes its difficult to dig into your local music scene and come out with worthwhile bands. Here in Cincinnati we are better known for WKRP than great indie bands like Afghan Whigs.

One band that stands out here though is The Light Wires. Leadman Jeremy Pinnell combines Nebraska era Springsteen with Jay Farrar sincerity to make some truly good American tunes. TLW manages to take you on a tour of the states through the view of a vintage Airstream stocked with Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. Wonder if thats also Justins travel arrangement?

MP3: The Light Wires- Small As Strawberries
MP3: The Light Wires- Never Heard the Pin Drop
MP3: The Light Wires- The Hum of Black Machines

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