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Robert Christgau and I are in the same corner when it comes to Sonic Youth. 20+ years together and the band still delivers the goods, more than delivers, both in the studio and on the stage. Last night in Atlanta at the Centerstage was no exception in support ofthe June 6th release of their latest full length Rather Ripped.
The last time I witnessed a Sonic Youth show in Atlanta was 1992 on the Dirty tour at a random venue called the International ballroom. It was both refeshing and a testemant to the band itself the multi-generational make-up of the audience.
Ex-Pavement veteran Mark Ibold filled in on bass duties as Kim Gordon owned the night, taking the lead on at least 50% of the vocals throughout the performance. Check out this track below with Thurston on vocals off the new LP — they tore it up last night on this one.
Nashville-based punk outfit Be Your Own Pet opened.
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Sleepin’ Around
Amazon: Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped

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