David Crosby :: 1970 Session Outtakes

One of my favorite LP’s from the early ’70s is David Crosby’s underrated masterpiece “If I Could Only Remember My Name?” A fully realized embodiment of the “sound” of California’s folk/rock/country/psychedelia movement of the time, the album features such players as Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Joni Mitchell, Phil Lesh, etc., etc. Almost as good as the album (and just, if not more interesting) are these outtakes from the 1970 sessions. These tracks are further proof that Crosby was an artistic force to be reckoned with at his creative peak.

MP3: David Crosby :: Wall Song #2
MP3: David Crosby :: Mountain Song #4
MP3: David Crosby :: Wooden Ships Jam
MP3: David Crosby :: Walking In The Mountains
MP3: David Crosby :: Epp Hour (AKA, Rounds)
MP3: David Crosby :: Under Anesthesia (False Start)
MP3: David Crosby :: Under anesthesia
MP3: David Crosby :: Over Jordan (Wayfaring Strangers)
MP3: David Crosby :: Mountain Song #3
MP3: David Crosby :: Mountain Song #2
MP3: David Crosby :: Loser #1, #2
MP3: David Crosby :: Wall Song #1
MP3: David Crosby :: Wild Turkey (Leather Winged Bat)
MP3: David Crosby :: Tamalpais High (At About 3)
MP3: David Crosby :: Is It Really Monday?
MP3: David Crosby :: Loser #3, #4
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Also of Note: If you are interested in this snapshot in time, the late ’60s and early ’70s Southern California folk-rock scene, keep reading. A book that has recently grabbed my attention is Laurel Canyon: : The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood. Chronicaling the state of one of L.A.’s most interesting and famously “arty” neighborhoods, the book excels delving into country-rock and the surrounding scene that developed around it.

15 thoughts on “David Crosby :: 1970 Session Outtakes

  1. The original Crosby album that these outtakes are taken from is one of my all time favorite under-appreciated classics of the 70’s. A number of times I’ve played that for some of my more astute music friends and they’re always surprised by how captivating the mood is (mind altering or not) and how strong the songwriting is. I for one would LOVE to hear these outtakes as I knew nothing of their existence. Is there anyway you could repost/re-upload them for us to hear?

    Take care,
    A longtime, loyal fan of your website.

  2. Yo – I will create a zip file of these Crosby tracks and post them within the week.

    “If I Could Only Remember My Name” is one of my all time favorite “album” experiences. It hits the mood 100%

  3. Hi, please could you reload these tracks again if possible? I have been looking for these sessions for ages!

    The link above this post isn’t working.

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  5. Not sure what that link was supposed to be but its also not working!

    Any chance of getting all the outtakes at the top of the page reloaded? I can’t find them anywhere else on the internet. If anyone knows where else to get them please let me know.


  6. Satisfied ’75, please could you repost the zip file? I’m absolutely desperate to get these tracks for years!!

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