One of the many stops on this summer’s cross-country fandango was Athens, GA for the 10th annual Athfest. The last Athfest I attended was 2001, right before the Drive-By Truckers broke — their performance at the 40 Watt that year was the last time I saw them in that intimate of a setting.
The act that caught my attention this year was Don Chambers & Goat. Surly, rocked up, country-blues nonsense. Fucking great. It’s bands like this that keep me seeking out live music whenever I am out of town, on business or otherwise. Lot of talent out there waiting to be soaked up. Anyway, Don is apparently well known in Athens these days, so this post is for the rest of us. Two tracks below: One from the Athfest CD I picked up, and one from WUOG’s Live In The Lobby sampler. Be sure to visit Southern Shelter for a copy of the Athfest show in it’s entirety.

MP3: Don Chambers & Goat :: Goat (WUOG Sampler)
MP3: Don Chambers & Goat :: Pig Luck (Athfest Sampler)
Elsewhere: Southern Shelter has Don Chambers entire Athfest Performance for download here…

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