Grayson Capps’ album If You Knew My Mind traveled across, and around, the country with me this Summer emanating hot and humid stories from the deep South set in and around Louisiana. Perhaps it was a preview — a primer — for the New Orleans I was to travel to, two weeks ago. This, my 13th visit to the Crescent City, while very enjoyable seeing old friends, also carried with it a dazed sadness upon seeing Katrina’s wake firsthand. CNN can only prepare someone two-dimensionally. While the French Quarter, the Uptown area, and most of the other tourist-destinations were for the most part spared, the low-lying surrounding areas including the Ninth Ward were hit hard, leaving rubble and ruin in the hurricane’s path. Throughout it all, the city and it’s steadfast inhabitants haven’t lost an ounce of their charm — not for me anyway.

On to the music. Last week while preparing to cross the country back to Los Angeles I received and email from Hyena Records delivering the first new tune from Grayson Capps forthcoming album, “Wail & Ride” — due out on September 26th. Not surprisingly, the track speaks of the hurricane’s wake and it’s effect on both the city and it’s denizens. Seeing Capps live in New Orleans is high on my agenda for my next visit.

MP3: Grayson Capps :: New Orleans Waltz
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