Howe Gelb’s ‘Sno Angel Like You was a traveling gift from an old friend in Atlanta I had the pleasure of catching up with over beers earlier this Summer (thanks, John). While on my “list,” I had never committed to purchasing the album. This in turn worked out to be a good thing because ‘Sno Angel is a near-perfect road album.
If you don’t know the score already, this is the album Gelb enlisted the help from a Canadian Gospel choir to back his off-kilter musical leanings. This odd pairing works amazingly well adding a texture to Gelb’s music that sounds more like exaltation than church. Listen below to hear why.

MP3: Howe Gelb :: Paradise Here Abouts
Amazon: Howe Gelb – ‘Sno Angel Like You

+ eMusic has Gelb’s catalog available with the no-strings 25 Free MP3 offer

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