Hezekiah Jones :: Says You’re A-Ok

An Aquarium Drunkard holds anything released by Charlottesville, VA’s Yer Bird Records in high esteem, but this, the label’s fourth release, is by far it’s strongest. Yer Bird’s latest find, Philadelphia based Hezekiah Jones, weaves his musical quilt out of the same soft, acoustic cloth most recently and elegantly spun by the likes of Sam Beam and Will Oldham. While warm and inviting, Hezekiah pokes and stirs up darker lyrical truths adding a textual spoonful of sugar to make his unique brand of medicine go down. Be sure to check out the unreleased track “Put On Your Light” below.

MP3: Hezekiah Jones :: Nothing’s Bound
MP3: Hezekiah Jones :: Albert Hash
Hezekiah Jones :: Put On Your Light
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www.hezekiahjones.com + www.myspace.com/hezekiah11
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