It’s been a little over a week and a half now, and I still can’t get the sound-memory of Elvis Costello’s I Don’t Want To Go To (Chelsea)” (backed and arranged by the masterful Allen Toussaint) out of my head. And that, dear reader, is good thing. The re-worked track I heard live in New Orleans is unfortunately absent from the artist’s joint effort, The River In Reverse, so I am having to settle for the original…which itself is nothing to sneeze at. I am reminded of the seething punk influence that graced Costello’s early work in it’s oh-so-subtle way. Give this old favorite a spin for posterity. And make it loud.

MP3: Elvis Costello :: I Don’t Want To Go To (Chelsea)
Amazon: Elvis Costello – This Year’s Model
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+ Elvis Costello available at eMusic…use the 25 free MP3 trial.

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