The influence of Glascow’s The Jesus & Mary Chain cannot be denied — their distinct brand of lush, thick feedback and distorted noise can be found on half of the albums you purchased the past decade. But that’s not why you should listen to them. While ultimately commercially ignored, the JAMC burned bright on the underground and stayed lit well past the demise of the majority of their peers. Listening to the band is no history lesson in posterity, as the music is as relevant and “contemporary” as anything out in the ’00s.
The Jesus & Mary Chain’s 1985 breakthrough debut, Psychocandy, set the bar high with it’s fuzzed-out white noise, haunting lyrics, and I don’t give a fuck attitude. Like some bastard child of The Velvet Underground, Brian Wilson and Bauhaus, Psychocandy would go on to be hailed by many as the band’s masterpiece. Just three years ago Sophia Coppola used the album’s “Just Like Honey” as as key mood piece for her film Lost In Translation. The reissued Dual Disc comes with a DVD featuring the videos “Just Like Honey,” “You Trip Me Up,” and “Never Understand.”

Following up Psychocandy, the band turned out 1987’s Darklands, a surprise to many of their fans accustomed to the controlled rain of feedback that had been the signature sound of the previous LP and singles. Sans distortion, a kinder, gentler JAMC, enlisting a drum machine in lieu of a drummer, evoked even more Velvet’s comparisons. While initially confusing, Darklands has aged incredibly well — in retrospect, Stoned & Dethroned released in 1994 seems like a close cousin to the band’s second album. All songs in high resolution 5:1 Stereo, plus videos for “Darklands,” “April Skies,” and “Happy When It Rains.”

Released during the heighth of the “grunge movement,” Honey’s Dead while a great album, found itself lost among the flannel and goatee crowd dominating the underground music scene of the time. “Teenage Lust” is nasty-good fun. Viideo content includes clips for “Reverence,” “Far Gone And Out,” and “Almost Gold.” The remainder of the band’s proper LP catalog is also seeing reissue on Rhino in the Dual Disc format.
MP3: The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Just Like Honey (off Psychocandy)
MP3: The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Darklands (off Darklands)
MP3: The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Teenage Lust (off Honey’s Dead)
Amazon: The Jesus & Mary Chain – Psychocandy [DUALDISC]
Amazon: The Jesus & Mary Chain – Darklands [DUALDISC]
Amazon: The Jesus & Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead [DUALDISC]
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