I wrote the following about Brightblack in the fall of 2005 after first listening the pair’s ala.cali.tucky album: Brightblack is made up of longtime friends and musical partners Nabob and Raybob — two Alabama ex-pats now living in the woods of Humboldt County, CA. The duo’s indie-Americana-folk stylings were taken notice by Will Oldham ,who subsequently recorded two split/EPs, and has toured with Brightblack on four occasions. “

Press play, breathe sigh of relief: I can honestly say that their latest self-tiled album (and Matador debut) is every bit as strong, if not moreso, than ala.cali.tucky. I had feared a watered down re-tread, but in it’s place found a more focused, fully realized embodiment of their spooky woodfolk-cum-soul sound.

MP3: Brightblack Morning Light :: Everybody Daylight

Off the ala.cali.tucky album:
MP3: Brightblack Morning Light :: True Bright Blossom
MP3: Brightblack Morning Light :: New Mexico
Amazon: Brightblack Morning Light – Self Titled

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