A sultry Billie Holiday with an East Texas drawl? Soul-Jazz with a Country-politan lilt? Maybe, but the quality and craft of Jolie Holland’s third full-length, Springtime Can Kill You, is beyond any convenient comparison. Like her previous albums (and brief stint with The Be-Good Tanyas), Holland’s bouillabaisse of traditional American music defies easy pigeonholing and containment. Famously short-listed by Tom Waits on the strength of her home-recorded, and later Anti released, album Catalpa, Jolie has spent the ensuing years touring and honing her songcraft.
Midway through the album the track “Stubborn Beast” sounds like a sweaty, booze-laden, torch song from another era, and yet at the same time — timeless. Turn those lights down low for this one.

MP3: Jolie Holland :: Stubborn Beast
Courtesy of Anti/Epitaph:

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MP3: Jolie Holland :: Springtime Can Kill You
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