I am loving all this return-to-the-rawk shit that has been coming out of indie-land the past couple of years. It’s like everyone put down their Joy Division and Television albums for awhile and started spinning their cool uncle’s old vinyl from the late ’70s.
The latest record from this camp to grace my desk is that of the Ladyhawk debut. Judging from the jacket artwork alone I knew this would be, at the very least, an interesting listen. Hailing from Vancouver these dudes are working the tried & true stoner bar-room rock angle — riffs so thick the notes sweat. The album is pretty good, but leaves the listener with the feeling all this would be much better in a live setting. The gang certainly isn’t going to change the world, but they are here, they are hungry, and from the sound of it, most definitely rocking with their cocks out.

**Ladyhawk just wrapped up a tour with Drunkard favorite’s Magnolia Electric Company.

MP3: Ladyhawk :: Dugout
Amazon: Ladyhawk – S/T
www.ladyhawkladyhawk.com + www.myspace.com/LADYHAWK
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Ladyhawk MP3s.
+ Ladyhawk available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

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