Hitting their stride (and the record-buying public) with not one, but two, albums this year is Brooklyn’s Oakley Hall. The latter of the two, Gypsum Strings, sees the psych-country-rock monsters burning through another set of experimental gothica, beginning with the shit-hot guitar lead on the album’s opener “Confidence Man.” Continuing in the same vein as it’s predecessor, Second Guessing, Gypsum could be thought of as part II — hell, call it the second half of a double album. And to my ears, this is good thing. See what I mean below, and also check out this link to the exclusive Daytrotter Sessions the band did.
MP3: Oakley Hall :: Confidence Man

Courtesy of Oakley Hall:
MP3: Oakley Hall :: Lazy Susan
MP3: Oakley Hall :: Landlord
MP3: Oakley Hall :: Eyes, Lock & Steel
Amazon: Oakley Hall – Gypsum Strings
www.myspace.com/oakleyhall + Visit The Hype Machine for additional MP3s.
+ Oakley Hall free through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

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