Over beers earlier this summer at Athfest, team clermont’s Lucas Jensen casually mentioned that The Theatre Fire’s Everybody Has A Darkside album was his favorite release of ’06. I was immediately intrigued as: a) we share similar tastes b) I had never heard of the Fort Worth band, and c) it was only mid-June. Now, having owned and digested the album for close to a month, I can see where the accolades are coming from.
This, their second LP, brims with a folk/rock sound similar to that of Nashville collective Lambchop (read: every instrument in the room used — and then some). A rock/folk/country/mariachi mesh of mandolin, keys, ukelele, banjo, tambourine etc., etc., The Theatre Fire create a sonic landscape throughout the album that genuinely pulls you back in for a second and third listen. Look for this to be in the running for An Aquarium Drunkard’s best of 2006 list.

MP3: The Theatre Fire :: These Tears Could Rust A Train
MP3: The Theatre Fire :: Everybody Has A Dark Side
MP3: The Theatre Fire :: Fiddleback Weaver
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