The Skirts and their brand of piano-driven pop music are about to blow up, and blow up in a big way. Eschewing typical indie-rock guitar swagger for melodies sweet enough to sugar your cereal, Modern Skirts self-released album Catalogue of Generous Men hooks you straight through with it’s catchy and tight niche Pop tunes. Highly recommended for fans of Chris Mills, Brendan Benson, The Beach Boys and early Ben Folds.

MP3: Modern Skirts :: Tonight Before You Were Sleeping
MP3: Modern Skirts :: Pasadena

Via 2006 AthFest Compilation:
MP3: Modern Skirts :: Indiana Indian
Purchase: Modern Skirts – Catalogue of Generous Men
+ Modern Skirts available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.


Ben Kweller To Release third solo album
Speaking of swell Pop goodness, indie wunkerkind and former Radish leader, Ben Kweller, is set to release his third solo album simply entitled “Ben Kweller.” How about that? Here is a sample track off the new LP and one from 2002’s excellent Sha Sha album. Look for the upcoming eponymous album to be released on the ATO imprint 9/19/06.


MP3: Ben Kweller :: Penny On The Train Track
MP3: Ben Kweller :: How It Should be (Sha Sha) [old]

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