Dogme 95’s Arcadian Hymns is one of my favorite albums of 2006 by a band or artist I did not know of prior to the beginning the year. Mission Label describes the artist’s sound in the press release as: “Think of a 1940’s prison gang jamming with Kraftwerk in the garden of Olympia, WA. It is a treat.” What can I say, they had me at “prison gang.” Seriously though, Dogme 95 does harness the sounds and vibe of Appalachia, folk, country, and blues mixed with cheap synths and casio beats. It’s everything I love about bedroom-indie. If you’re into this, hustle, because it’s a limited edition of 1000 hand screen-printed cardboard cases.

MP3: Dogme 95 :: Summon My Baptist Ways
MP3: Dogme 95 :: Kingdom/Garden
Purchase: From Mission Label
Also: Dogme 95: Lucha Libre Recordings
+ Dogme 95 available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

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