I want to say something here that will make you take notice of the track below by the Portland duo that record and perform under the name Horse Feathers. The reason I want to say something inviting is that this is a song you need in your iTunes – or your iPod – or discman – or walkman – or car stereo. I would like to say something that would persuade you that this is not another run-of-the-mill quirky indie-folk throwaway, but something you might come back to time and again. Actually, maybe I just said it. Say something once, why say it again. ++ Look for the duo’s debut, Words Are Dead, to be released September 26th on Lucky Madison Records.

MP3: Horse Feathers :: Finch On Sunday
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Horse Feathers MP3s.


Barton Carroll :: Love & War

A couple of years ago the folks at Skybucket Records unearthed Barton Carroll’s 2001 unreleased album Love & War from obscurity. It’s now 2006 and come October the label is going to unleash their find on the massses. Probably most recognizable as the multi-instrumentalist for the americana act Crooked Fingers, Carroll travels the solo road here sounding like a long lost sibling of Richard Thompson and Buckner (sans warble) with maybe just a pinch of Will Oldham. Press play and listen to Carroll spin his melocholy folk yarn.

News: Barton will join up with his friends Devotchka in August for their Northwest tour dates. Check the live page on his site for more information.

Barton Carroll :: Look Up, Look Down, That Lonesome Road
MP3: Barton Carroll :: Cat On A Beach

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