This past week Pitchfork Media presented, in my opinion, it’s best feature yet. The website listed it’s top 200 songs of the 1960s. As a dedicated follower of roots, be them musical or historical, I found this list to be both fascinating, and at times perplexing. But hey, one cannot expect to agree with every choice, but all in all we were very much on the same page. Well done says I…yes, kudos to a job well done. *Also, I am waiting for some web gnome to compile all 200 tracks in mp3 form to a zip folder for those of us wanting to hear the list in descending order. Would be a great (and albeit interesting listen). Holler if you see something like that floating around in the next few weeks. [ Update: Click here for MP3s of the P’fork special. ]
Moving on, I was of course thrilled to see Drunkard favorites, and all around masters, The Kinks appearance on the list several times. My relationship, appreciation and enjoyment of Kinks music continues to grow and expand with each passing year. Below are a couple of tracks off the Well Respected Kinks collection that was originally released in the mid-sixties by the Pye Records label culling ten tracks from the band’s singles, EPs, and albums. A quick listen (under 30 minutes) Well Respected Kinks moves fast and hard blowing your hair back with it’s rough, garage rock brilliance. If you are just getting into the band, or looking to investigate their early work, this album is a fine (and inexpensive) starting place.

MP3: The Kinks :: Where Have All The Good Time Gone
MP3: The Kinks :: Well Respected Man
+ Visit The Hype Machine For More Kinks MP3s.
Amazon: The Kinks – Well Respected Kinks
+ The Kinks available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

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