He of the patented honey and gravel-throated warble returns September 24th with his eighth album entitled Meadow. No stranger to experimentation and collaboration, Buckner enlists the help of former Guided By Voices alumnus Doug Gillard and Kevin March, as well as The Waco Bros’ Steven Goulding, in this latest studio venture. Also in tow is veteran Buckner co-conspirator J.D. Foster, yet again back at the helm wearing his “producer” hat as he did on the classic Buckner albums Since, Devotion + Doubt and Impasse-ette.

Reportedly working in sparse recording environs, Meadow sees Buckner and crew open up the songs and their arrangements, yet always maintaining the “voice” as the focal point to drive the delivery of the song home. For it is Buckner’s voice and keen sense of storytelling that draws the listener in. Whether singing of heartbreak or revenge, you listen…and more importantly, you believe.

MP3: Richard Buckner :: Town
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