Look what arrived in my mailbox the other day…Sebadoh III. As I unwrapped the clear plastic, I may have wondered aloud “what goodies await a Drunkard other than the opportunity to hear a copy of this album free from the hiss of my well-worn high school cassette??” Turns out quite a few goodies were to be had after all. This double disc reissue not only cleans up the sound of the seminal 1991 album, but throws in new liner notes, unreleased tracks, and the Gimme Indie Rock EP which may be out-of-print…not sure.
It goes without saying the influence of Sebadoh III is heard all over lo-fi indie rock today. Lou Barlow and crew forged some of the most disorienting nosedive indie rock of the 1990s — it’s great to see III getting all dressed up in 2006.

MP3: Sebadoh :: The Freed Pig
MP3: Sebadoh :: Kath (via salon.com)
Lou Barlow/Folk Implosion:

MP3: Folk Implosion :: Natural One
MP3: Folk Implosion :: Natural One (acoustic)
Amazon: Sebadoh – Sebadoh III
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