“We’re Catfish Haven and this is what we do!” – George Hunter

Not missing a beat, Catfish Haven returns September 12th with their first proper LP for Secretly Canadian following up their early ’06 SC released Please Come Back EP. Southern, sweaty and blues-infused, Tell Me finds the band continuing down the same path of howlin’ southern rock & roll of Please Come Back, but with amplified precision and purpose. Stretching their legs over the course of an entire album, the Haven take on the trials and tribulations of love and relationships strewn over blues holler, hand claps, and Dixie rhythms. Naturally, this kind of cacophony makes me wanna eat BBQ and drink ice cold beer.

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Catfish Haven :: Tell Me
Mp3: Catfish Haven :: Please Come Back (old)
MP3: Catfish Haven :: You Can Have Me (old)
Amazon: Catfish Haven – Tell Me
Catfish Haven MySpace

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