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While reading the recent Trainspotting retrospective expose’ in Premiere magazine last week, I could hardly believe it had been a whole ten years since the film’s release. Sparking a cultural fetish towards all things Britannia, Trainspotting had many of us in it’s stylistic grip, both cinematically and musically.

With it’s mix of underground classic rock and contemporary Brit-pop, the soundtrack created the pulse of the film driving it’s underbelly, snaking in and out of key scenes. According to the magazine, one of the producers had a scene in his head with the junkie lads walking down the street like a gang of vampires to the eerie swagger of Iggy Pop’s “Nightclubbing.” While the scene didn’t make the final cut, the song itself did, adding to the decadence of the soundtrack as a whole. The success of the OST spawned a companion “part II” soundtrack which is fair and only worth checking out if a fan of the remixes, etc. Below are three tracks from the definitive original OST.

Daily track from the archives:
MP3: Eric B & Rakim :: Paid In Full

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