You know I was thinking, it’s funny our (often baseless) first impressions. Today I received an album in the mail, and I don’t know if I was just in a shitty mood or what, but the name of the band just annoyed the hell out of me, and almost cost me hearing the song below. The name of the band is Kamikaze Hearts, which in retrospect really isn’t that bad of a name at all, especially for a band pushing the angle. I listened to the album, and wound up enjoying it. After a cursory check, it appears many of my blogging brethren have evidently enjoyed it as well — see the Hype Machine. (BTW, I think there is a direct correlation between people with music blogs and our lack of reading too many other blogs. A time issue I suppose).

Anyway, this second track off the album entitled “Defender” has been on repeat the past half hour. There is something about it that had gotten under my skin. It’s a fo-fi folkish story-song bordering on possessing a creepy undertone. While completely different, this sole track reminds me of Spiderland era Slint crossed with 16 Horsepower. The Kamikaze Hearts’ LP Oneida Road hits the record stores Tuesday, September 26th.

The Kamikaze Hearts :: Defender
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Elvis Costello :: (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

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