Sonically descending from out of nowhere, Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio tore out of the gate with their Young Liars EP unleashing their chaotic blend of fuzzed out post-rock on the indie-minded masses. Effortlessly combining an organic blend of gospel, free-jazz, punk, and drum loops, TVOTR sounded like nothing else on the contemporary music scene. That claim can still be made in 2006. Riffing on the same atmospheric paranoia as its predecessor, yet expanding on both the sound and the songwriting, Return To Cookie Mountain defies convention.

The albums sees a stateside release of September 12th. Due to the heavily monitered RIAA nature of the release, we cannot share a sample MP3 track. Visit the band’s MySpace page to stream some of the Return To Cookie Mountain tracks.

+ TVOTR available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional TVOTR MP3s.

Your Daily Blast From The Past:
TV On The Radio :: Dry Drunk Emperor

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