I will preface this by saying (admitting) I was not expecting this album from Mojave 3. That being said, I am very much into it. Trading in their slow-country-ish past for an upbeat and happy-go-lucky sound, the band’s reinvention is aiding me in riding out the end of this hot West coast summer. While unexpected, Puzzles Like You is a real treat.

I had fallen off the Mojave 3 wagon several years ago, and while still a fan, was not over-eager to listen to the old softly strummed and whispered songs that they crafted so effortlessly. No matter, things have changed. The band now works an uptempo roots-pop groove that immediately smacked me right in the face with the album’s opener “Truck Driving Man.” Call it an uptempo guitar-pop smoothie on a hot August day.

MP3: Mojave 3 :: Truck Driving Man

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