Bonnie Prince Billy (Daytrotter Featured Artist, September 4, 2006)

Let me preface this by saying that if you are not yet hip to Daytrotter you are missing out on the finest music-related website of the past year. Supplying original content from some of the most interesting, contemporary working musicians today, the site blows my mind…weekly. Plus, they have great original artwork to boot.

Monday the Daytrotter folks will air their latest episode: Bonnie “Prince” Billy live in the Datrotter studios. I had the pleasure of previewing the four song set and it is not to be missed. From the moment the Bonnie “Prince” utters “bon jour” you can buckle yourself in for a nice little ride. I don’t want to give anything away, but count on some surprises you may not have heard in a “live” context in some time.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for Bonnie “Prince” Billy MP3s.


Daily Blast From The Past:

MP3: Lou Reed :: Perfect Day (acoustic demo)

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