RIYL: The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, The Vaselines, et al.

Orange Juice , while a relatively short-lived outfit, went on to influence quite a few bands that readers of An Aquarium Drunkard most likely enjoy. But that, in and of itself, is no reason to download the following tracks. While driving around L.A. the other afternoon it struck me that Orange Juice, and specifically The Glasgow School compilation, sound as if they were recorded six months ago. That is just how “relevant” and contemporary the band and it’s sound are today.

Founded in Glasgow in the late ’70s, Orange Juice practically invented the jangly, fey, rock/pop sound that dominated indie-rock for the next ten years. Released in 2005, The Glasgow School reissue compiles the band’s early ’80s Postcard Records singles, b-sides, and Ostrich Churchyard album that were released prior to their major label, Polydor, debut You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever (also great). This reissue comes highly recommended for those interested in the above listed RIYL artists.
MP3: Orange Juice :: Falling And Laughing
MP3: Orange Juice :: Moscow Olympics
Amazon: Orange Juice :: The Glasgow School


Daily Blast From The Past:
MP3: Orange Juice :: Rip It Up

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