My introduction and love of sixties French Pop began a few years ago when a friend turned me on to the decadent sounds of Jacques Dutronc. His frenetic pop music followed me via iPod on a twelve day honeymoon trek through Greece and the outlying coastal islands, thus becoming the de facto soundtrack to the trip.
Upon my return to the states I was hooked and needed a fix to alleviate my newly acquired sweaty French pop jones. That fix came in the form of one Serge Gainsbourg. Poet, provocateur, artist, director, heathen, and visionary, Gainsbourg and his music have seen a resurgence the past couple of years. The most recent display of Gainsbourg affection comes in the form of the recently released tribute album Monsieur Gainsbourg: Revisited. I have yet to hear it, but it boasts renditions from such en vogue artists as Cat Power, Michael Stipe, Jarvis Cocker and a gaggle of others.

In addition to this release, Gainsbourg gets a nice little “best of” type collection that serves as a great starting point for folks new to his work. Check out a couple of tracks off this compilation to find out if you’re hip to this shit.

MP3: Serge Gainsbourg :: Je T’aime Moi Non Plus
MP3: Serge Gainsbourg :: Bonnie & Clyde (w/ Brigitte Bardot)
Bonus Track:
MP3: LUNA :: Bonnie & Clyde (cover)
Official Serge Gainsbourg Website
Amazon: Serge Gainsbourg – Monsieur Gainsbourg (The Orginals)

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Daily Blast From The Past:
MP3: The Clash :: Radio Clash

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