As I sit here, my desk littered with albums and “to-dos,” I feel the following needs to be said, needs to be conveyed upon those who will listen. Shouted to the masses, etc, etc. For at this moment in time I am a messenger of the gospel of Bobby Bare Jr.

Now I was a fan of Bobby Bare Jr. prior to this album, but the guy has really gone and upped his personal ante on this one. There was a time when he could have been relegated to the “that guy who sounds like Kevn Kinneycorner, but no more. His hind legs are fully stretched on this one.

The Longest Meow did a cartwheel in my living room the other day when I was only expecting the hand jive. I know you know the feeling. You go to take a sip of well bourbon and discover Knobb Creek or Woodford Reserve in it’s stead — that kind of moment.

Notes: Pixies fans will notice track two of the album is a stripped-down, soulful take on the band’s “Where Is My Mind” off the Surfer Rosa album. Guests on the album include such notables as My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and Lambchop’s Deanna Varagona. Album drops September 26th.

MP3: Bobby Bare Jr. :: Bionic Beginning
MP3: Bobby Bare Jr. :: Gun Show
Amazon: Bobby Bare Jr. – The Longest Meow ++++
+ Bobby Bare Jr. available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

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