SHINOLA VOL. 1 is a collection of odds, ends, and leftovers from around our studio and contains killer new mixes of a lot of songs that have been floating around. I don’t mind telling you that it’s a really great record. The record was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss and Ween and it’s an ugly one. You really wanna pick this up, I’m not shitting you.” — Dean Ween

You either love these motherfuckers or you hate them. I very much find mysef in the first category. The brothers Boognish have always captured on tape the weird sense of irony and humor I thought only existed in my head — that is until I heard Pure Guava in the early ’90s. Non-fans used to love to dismiss WEEN as a “joke band,” which is a quite ridiculous assertion if you’ve even paid the slightest attention to their chops. Whether experimenting lo-fi on a four track, whilst high on Scotch Guard, or laying down slick funk jams in a “professional” studio environment, these guys invent and re-invent themselves and the boundaries of genre time and again.

SHINOLA VOL 1. is available on CD. It had previously been an online-only nuggett, but it’s popularity has apparently warranted and offline release. A very nice collection of odds and sods for those on the path of the Boognish.

MP3: WEEN :: Transitions
MP3: WEEN :: Tastes God On The Bun
Amazon: WEEN :: SHINOLA Vol. 1

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