I am a child of the ’80s from the American South. Like many of my brethren, R.E.M. served as my first taste of left-of-center musical fare; what was then referred to as “college music.” Seems such a dated term now, but at the time it was as kicked around as the ad nauseam of today’s ever-expanding catch-all term “indie.”

With all the recent R.E.M. news (their induction into Georgia’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the new two disc IRS retrospective) I went poking around You Tube to reminisce watching some of the old videos from the bands IRS salad days. The following is a clip of the band playing “Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)” off of the seminal and essential Chronic Town EP on Nickelodeon’s Livewire, October 1983. Watch Stipe dance.

Watch: R.E.M. Live on Nickelodeon’s Livewire
MP3: R.E.M. :: Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
Amazon: R.E.M – Dead Letter Office
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional MP3s.

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